Civil Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Our litigation professionals are experienced at all levels of Court and administrative tribunals in Ontario at numerous motions, hearings, trials and appeals. Nelson, Watson Professional Corporation advises and represents clients with a wide range of civil and commercial disputes including:

  • Real property disputes, home defects
  • Mortgage remedies
  • Construction liens
  • Commercial tenant disputes
  • Residential landlord/tenant disputes
  • Debt collection and claims for money owed
  • Small Claims Court
  • Damage claims
  • Employment, wrongful dismissal
  • Human Rights and discrimination
  • Family and matrimonial Law
  • Estate litigation will disputes, distribution of assets, passing of accounts
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Contract disputes, breach of contract
  • Real estate disputes
  • Personal injury (not motor vehicle accidents)
  • Insurance disputes including property damage, life insurance, disability/LTD benefits
  • Partnership and shareholder disputes
  • CPP, EI, Administrative Tribunals and Provincial Offences

When individual or business disputes cannot be resolved, we have the right to seek recourse and remedies from the Courts. The litigation process usually starts with a letter to the other party setting out your position and an attempt to negotiate a resolution. If the problem cannot be resolved through negotiation, then people may start a civil legal proceeding to ask a Court to decide the outcome. While many disputes require parties to start legal proceedings, only a few cases go to a trial. Through the civil litigation process, parties and their lawyers learn more about the facts and legal positions. Civil litigators use a number of skills, including strategy development, legal and persuasive writing, document and fact analysis, business analysis, negotiation, mediation, oral advocacy and empathy.

Our approach is to meet with you to discuss the factual background of your situation, help you understand the legal issues and review some procedural options, then work together on a strategy that best suits your needs and goals. We take pride in our advocacy work for clients both inside and outside the Courtroom. Our litigation support staff are key members of our team and we rely on them to help us serve our clients well.

In addition, by offering paralegal services, we provide legal advice and representation for disputes and proceedings with a lower dollar value at a more affordable cost.

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