Paralegal Services

Nelson, Watson is proud to offer affordable and highly competent legal services by paralegals licensed by the Law Society of Ontario.
In Ontario, paralegals are licensed officers of the court, similar to lawyers, and are licensed by the same governing body: the Law Society of Ontario.
Paralegals can provide legal services including providing advice and representation, but cannot appear at every level of court or provide legal services in every area of law. For example, a lawyer can appear in the Superior Court of Justice or the Supreme Court of Canada, while a paralegal cannot.
However, the jurisdiction of paralegals is vast and always changing.
Paralegals can represent clients in the Small Claims Court, the Ontario Court of Justice for certain matters including Provincial Offences and traffic tickets, and administrative tribunals such as the Landlord and Tenant Board, Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal, Social Benefits Tribunal, and many others.
You can check out our licensed paralegal team members by visiting the Our Team pages of our website.

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